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Hello from the desk,

Once again thank you so much for following us through this. We only got this far because, well you like our countdown list right? no hard feelings, you can tell us the truth.

Top Five NaijaFeeds Music Countdown for this week presented by : @klaireonyeka (on instagram).

Let us get into it;

Number 5: Body Count - OdunsiTheEngine ft Amaarae, Deto Black and Gigi Atlantis

This is a summer jam no denying it. The featured artist do an amazing work but umm amaarae's voice though. What do you think ?

Number 4: Mi Casa Su Casa - Korede Bello

" Nobody shine like you girl .." Korede Bello, Mr Most Likely to steal your girl, LoL. This song does sound nice. I doubt you will forget this words "Mi Casa Su Casa .." thank us later and do tell us what you think.

Number 3: Away - Oxlade

Oxlade for president. Away by Oxlade is a WHOLE VIBE. This is raw talent on display, we do not even have the words but Away! Away! Away! Away! Away! Away!. How many times can you say away ?

Number 2: Lenu Remix - Buju Ft Burna Boy

Buju did good to feature Burna Boy, this is a good time type of jam aka it passes the vibe check. Picture Summer Time, driving along eko atlantic in a convertible and watching the sun. I do not think that is the best description but I hope you get what I mean. Is there anything you cannot do ?

Number 1: Wonderful - Burna Boy

This Belongs to no one else but Burna Boy, the track "wonderful" puts you through a capsule to the culture of africa. Something wonderful is about to happen, yes?

Thank you for Checking out our Top 5 Music Countdown for the week. Remember to subscribe and follow us on instagram (@naijafeeds_com) and (@9jafeeds_com)

Until next week Sunday, have an amazing week ahead

Thank you,

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