PDP Governors applaud FG on efforts to battling insecurity.

Governors on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP have pleaded with President Muhammadu Buhari for financial aid.

After a 4 hour meeting in Abuja on Thursday, the governors agreed to approach the President for funds, which according to them will help tackle some pressing governance problems in their respective states.

They praised the Federal Government’s efforts in battling Insecurity and fostering peace across the country.

Speaking to newsmen, Sokoto state governor and chairman of the PDP Governors Forum, Aminu Tambuwal disclosed that there was an ‘urgent’ need for financial grants from the Federal government due to heavy governance issues that are beyond the capacity of the states.

“As governors of the PDP, we have agreed to continue to work with the Federal Government with the sole aim of re-establishing peace in troubled areas of the federation. We must not play politics with security and must all work together to ensure that we bring back peace in our land.”

“On the general economic well-being of the country, we are appealing to the President to re-consider certain measures, and we are appealing for more relief to Nigerians and support for state governments in the discharge of their mandate, by making resources available to the states, so that we can execute our mandate and ensure good governance in our respective states throughout the country.”

He added that PDP Governors had agreed not to play politics with Security issues and have pledged to support whatever decision the Federal government decides to take.

Source: PoliticsNigeria

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