Top 10 Tuface/2BaBa Songs

From Amaka on speed dial to the Gaga Shuffle. The African Queen melody king with coded tins. Welcome to and today we are counting down our picks for the TOP 10 Tuface Songs.

Tuface / 2BaBa

For this list we have chosen our entries based on a contribution of the artist's fan favourites and their most commercially successful songs.


According to Wikipedia

Innocent Ujah Idibia (born on 18 September 1975), known by his stage name 2Baba, is a Nigerian singer, songwriter, record producer, entrepreneur, philanthropist, humanitarian, and activist. Prior to July 2014, he went by the stage name 2face Idibia. He is one of the most decorated and successful Afro pop artists in Africa, and is also one of the most bankable performing music artistes in Africa.

Now let us get into the countdown

NUMBER 10: If love is a crime

From the album Grass 2 Grace, Tuface shows his talent with merging good lyrics and music. If you do find true love, fight to keep the fire burning.

NUMBER 9: Only Me

From the album the unstoppable. The song holds some inspiration for listeners, never give up on yourself, always believe in yourself.

NUMBER 8: Holy Holy

The song summaries it all, he that has committed no sin should cast the first stone. Let us hope you are who you claim to be.

NUMBER 7: Gaga Shuffle

It is almost an out of box attempt by Tuface and as always he shows himself to be a champion at being creative. As I wan craze, I wan involve you for my fucking craze, means as I get turnt you have to join in.

NUMBER 6: Officially blind

Tuface brings the statement love is blind into literal terms. Love's message to say I see nobody else but you, officially blind.

NUMBER 5: Coded Tinz

Featuring Phyno and Chief Obi. This is evidence Tuface still refuses to fail on his path of creativity. A jumpy tune for a hype crowd.

NUMBER 4: Opo ft Wizkid

Another banger by Tuface ft wizkid, premiered 3rd August, 2020. From his "Warriors" album,.


Once again with this track 2baba steps to the plate as a legend.

NUMBER 2: African Queen

With over 13million views on Youtube, this has to be the one song EVERYONE literally remembers. From the 2004 face 2 face album, Tuface shares a passion so deep for the girl of his dreams. Just like the sun like up the earth, you light up my life.

NUMBER 1: Amaka

Every dude regardless of where you are from, you have being stood up by one girl or more. You must have met that one or two or more ladies, that agree to come Netflix and chill. When the time comes close, then her phones goes on busy or all of a sudden your messages do not deliver anymore, ladies and gentleman her name is Amaka. lol

Do you agree with our list? Which Tuface//2Baba song is your favorite? For more chart topping top 10s published every single day, be sure to subscribe to


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